Russian Invasion to Antalya

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Russian Invasion to Antalya

Real estate market is growing day by day and people from different countries have a curiosity on our country. So, Turkey is a growing market for the ones who want to have house. Especially foreign investors are going on invest in Turkey in spite of the hard days Turkey in. Despite the tension between Turkey and Russia, Russians continue buying real estate in Antalya. Building Contractors Federation and President of the Association of Contractors Karatas said that as usual Russians are mostly preferred to invest in Antalya. He added that problem between Russia and Turkey in the last November didn’t effect the real estate market unlike agriculture and tourism market.


According to TurkStat data, this year in January 315 houses were sold, in February 328 houses were sold to the foreign investors and most of these investors were from Russia. In Antalya there is no shortage in housing sales to foreigners and most of the sales in residential market have been done to Russians. Russians continue buying real estate in Antalya. Karataş said that there is no problem about selling real estate to foreigners. There are about 3100 contractors in Antalya and shortage in Agriculture and tourism isn’t experienced in the construction industry.


According to the information which was received from the contractors, the officers in Russia are trying to sell their real estate to the people related with Russia in order to guarantee their possessions. This means a temporary measure and the sales are under safety. It is undeniable that there are some difficulties but these are temporary. In fact no Russian citizen has given up from Antalya. Russians continue buying real estate in Antalya. In short, on foreign property sales currently doesn’t cause any trouble. The prices in Antalya are also more reasonable than the other European countries and this lures the people all over the world.

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