Russians Gaze To Antalya In Real Estate

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Preference of the Russians in Real Estate

Turkey is mostly preferred by many foreigners to have a holiday or to stay in long term period. For these purposes especially the southern cities are popular. What are the preferences of the foreign tourists? What are their criteria? Which city is more popular than the other cities in Turkey and what are reasons? Especially what are the preferences of Russians in real estate in Turkey? The details are in our essay. Russians gaze to Antalya in real estate.


The crisis between Russia and Turkey has a negative effect in many sectors in Turkey but the situation is much more different in real estate sector. Russians gaze to Antalya in real estate. There so many and beautiful tourism city in Turkey, but Antalya is the first choice of Russians. Ebubekir Sevimlli said that the real estate purchases weren’t affected after crisis and the same demand in real estate is going on.


Russians gaze to Antalya in real estate. Russian citizens preferred to purchase real estate in the provinces of Antalya according to the data  and evaluation of the TUIK between 2013-2015. Antalya is one of the leading cities in tourism, real estate and quality of the constructions in Turkey. So people prefer to invest in Antalya and they are gaining value meanwhile.


The real estate sector weren’t affected by the cirisis between these countries and the number of the people who want and plan to sell and come back to Russia is quite low and almost no. People are really happy to see Russian residents in Antalya. They will continue to invest Antalya.


Also, in Russia it is forbidden to but tour package to Turkey but there are still preferring and buying tickets. They are not giving up. They will always continue to come to Turkey for vacation. We believe that after a while the issue will soften and more Russian citizens will come to our country.

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