Sales of Grand Chamber Houses Has Increased at the Beginning of the Project

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There Is an Increasement

According to Vedat Arslan who is founder of Aremas Real Estate Property and also the general manager there is an increasement in the sales of grand chamber houses such as 3+1 and 4+1. He also said that in the past few year these houses were sold at the end of the project because they were like the ones which no one preferred but now it is vice versa, they are the ones which are first sold and more preferred. He also mentioned that the project which they conduct at Bahçeşehir there were 200 of 3+1 houses and they sold 65% of it in 6 month which is a quit short time. At the end of his speech he also said that Turkey need more housing.


Outsources Operation Became More Popular

He said that does not matter the company, whether it is a big or small company they work with professionals. He also gave an example. He said that companies that made 5 project a year may ask for help for their 6. projec. Without organizing a team they can make their 6. Project as an outsource.


In Turkey Contractor Makes Everything

In other countries the contractor only find the land, organize the project and obtain finance but in Turkey the case is a bit different because beside these the contractor also deals with other domain like vendition. He mentioned how wrong the situation in Turkey is. He also said that everyone should make his own occupation.


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