Satya Yaylar Has Started The Taking The Pre-Requests

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Satya has commenced the pre-requests for the new project in Pendik in Istanbul.  The Satya Yaylalar Project is going to consist of totally 362 apartments and social spaces. The project due to the widespread wish to have an apartment has collected prevalent attention.

Yılmaz Aydoğan, who is chairman of the board of directors, stated that “we worked on Satya Yaylalar Project for a while. We selected Pendik as our location, because the region was well-known for its highly demanding potential. As a result, the notion of project and preference for location will be beneficial for investors as well. In the new project, we are working with Efekta Mimarlık. On the other hand, Efekta Mimarlık developed highly qualified projects for real estate sector, which is why; the brand is stated as one of the leading architecture office. Even before the promotion of projects, we faced very intense interest during pre-request period.The project of Satya Yaylalar will be consisted of 11 floors with 4 blocs as one of the most beautiful settlements in the region. Moreover, the percentage of 35 transformed into sales.”


Furthermore, he stated that “Satya Yaylalar will be special project. We can at least understand it from the ratio of sales from the share of pre-requests, which is the percentage of 35 from 500 of pre-requests.” He also added that “one of our targets here to provide a high premium for our investor as well. Also the period of pre-request is the most profitable time for investors.”

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