Saudis Have Passed The Iraqis In The House Purchases

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While housing sales decreased by 5.7 percent in October after the quarterly climb of the campaigns, the sales to the foreigners have reached the peak. Foreign residential sales increased by 70.9 percent compared to the same period last year with 2 thousand 677 in October. Looking at the historical trend of foreign home sales data from January 2013 in TURKSTAT, it indicates the highest level on a monthly basis. Residential sales rose 8.8 percent in the first 10 months of the year. In October, while 122 thousand 882 houses were sold in Turkey, Istanbul received 20 percent of sales with 906 sales, 17 percent with 12 thousand 130 sales and 9.9 percent with 12,306 sales in Ankara and 5.9 percent with 7 thousand 258 sales in İzmir. While mortgage sales decreased by 19.8 percent to 38 thousand 593, the number of houses sold for the first time decreased by 7.6 percent to 56 thousand 994.


The biggest surprise in residential sales was seen in foreign-made sales. According to the Star newspaper, the sales of foreign-owned housing in October increased by 70.9 percent compared to the same month last year, while Saudi Arabia, whose internal confusion experienced an increase of 232 percent, broke the record. Saudi Arabia has bought 529 houses in October and has passed the most purchasing Iraq so far. The Saudis' house purchases in 10 months went up to 2,835. In October the Iraqis received 344 houses. The number of housing purchases of Iraqis in 10 months was 2,982. 

Our country is still attractive to foreigners

Özyurtlar Holding Chairman of the Board Tamer Özyurt: When the figures were announced last month; We were told that the sale of the 3rd residence campaign was a record tribute. That's why we need to accept the 5.7 percent drop as normal. When we look at foreign sales, we see a beautiful painting. Turkey is still an attractive and reliable market for foreign investors.

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