Second Spring Opportunity For Pensioners

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The Republic of Turkey is preparing special opportunities for retired citizens. With these possibilities, it is possible to buy well-equipped housing for the pensioners who cannot buy the house at the time of working. Existing laws and retirement age are applied for men in Turkey as 65 years old. For women, the retirement age is 62 years old. For this reason, citizens want to find a solution to the housing problem before retiring. However, the recent increase in housing prices in the country has made it very difficult for pensioners to buy housing. But the government only produces projects that pensioners can take advantage of. With this aspect, projects of hundreds of thousands of houses have been completed recently.


With the joint work carried out by the prime ministry and mass housing authorities of the Republic of Turkey, 65,000 houses will be built throughout Turkey, especially in Istanbul. The right to purchase in these houses will only be in the pensions. However, the population increase that will occur in the areas where the houses will be built will positively affect the regional economy. Houses produced for retirees can have a positive impact on the economy of the entire region. In addition, monthly payments for new homes will be set to 300 Turkish liras. Considering the pensions, 300 TL is an extremely reasonable price that the pensioners can pay without difficulty. So the state government provides comprehensive support for the elderly people.

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