Shocking Compensation For A Rich Real Estate Businessman

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Shocking compensation for a rich real estate businessman

The words’ you got old of course i will cheat on you ‘ made the court of law to decide a 1 million TL compensation.

The Bakirkoy Family Court convicted the rich real estate businessman to pay a 1 million TL compensation because of his words he used for his wife with whom he was married for 42 years. The court of law divorced the couple who are 68 and 60 years old and took also a decision that the prosecutor wife will get monthly 7 thousand TL alimony. After this divorce ,the prosecutor is preparing now to sue her husband for his 50 million TL worth estate for cost sharing.


According to Hurriyet news,the couple Mustafa and Hulya married 42 years ago. They lived in Tekirdag,Cerezkoy and have 3 children. While Hulya was taking care of children and the household the husband traded businesses. In time he developed his businesses and started to buy and sell estate and automotive businesses. Especially in the last 10-12 years he made a big fortune and was seen for a short time ago with another woman. After this situation the couple started to discuss and the husband started to implement violence against his wife and threw his wife out of their house. After this action the wife decided to divorce her husband. The divorce paper arrived in December 2013 to Bakirkoy Family Court.

law book and gavel

1 million TL compensation payment

The Court said ” a virtually finished marriage doesnt have to be continued legally.” and decided to divorce the couple.The Court of Law also decided to pay the prosecutor besides the alimony a 600 thousand TL materially and 400 thousand TL spiritually compensation.

A new lawsuit is being prepared

The lawyer of Hulya named Zafer Tunca pointed out the importance of compensation amount which was determined by the court of law.He said that they preparing a new lawsuit after the divorce decision.He also added that they want to get the cost sharings.

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