Shopping Mall Rents in Turkey Are Going Down

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Shopping Mall Rents in Turkey Are Going Down

Shopping Malls (AVM) have become a new life style within last years in Turkey. In petroleum rich Middle Eastern countries, these shopping malls are preferred due to very hot climate, where people have the need to be in a ventilated, cool place. In Turkey, people usually don’t earn enough to do something meaningful during the weekends with their families. Especially in big cities it is a huge problem to get somewhere green, or even buy something to eat there. So, these shopping malls have become a place where people take their families to and maybe see a movie and eat something, if they have the money for it. For both poor and wealthy people, these shopping malls offer lots of varities.


Shopping Malls (AVM) are always popular but rental prices have been problematic for shop owners. High profit expectations of the AVM owners resulted in very high prices and even rental payment requests in other currencies than Turkish Lira.


Shops started closing down and empty spaces aren’t interesting for customers, both local and tourists. In order to prevent the customer loss, AVM managements decided to go easy on the prices. Now you can pay the rental price in Turkish lira and receive some benefits to keep your shop open at a specific mall.


There are lots of new shopping malls opening all over the country, so due to the competition between different AVMs rental prices can be very different depending on your shop’s popularity.


Shopping Malls (AVM) will always be the heart of cities and will be capitals for earning money. With these understandable rental prices, customers will also see the influence of these prices in the services they get. If a customer is happy, then it is sure that he/she will make the shop owner also happy.

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