Sign of the City Awards 2017 Real Estate Investment Competition

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The Sign of the City Awards 2017 applications will be start on June 5, 2017. The winners of the competition will be determined by the jury which involves 19 members. Sign of the City Awards is organized in order to encourage the real estate sector for being better. The competition will be on November 5, 2017. The jury member of the competition made their first meeting. The opening of the related meeting was done by the Hürriyet Advertising Director and Executive Board Member Zeynep Tandoğan. Tandoğan said:

“In its 4th year; Sign of the City Award Competition showed a very good improvement with the support of our jury members and advisory board. We started the works for the 4th Sign of the City Awards 2017 today. Our all jury members are the specialists”


Applications for the Competition

Zeynep Tandoğan continued to her speech and said that their responsibility for this important competition is very big but she believes the jury members and the sector authorities. She thanked to the jury members for taking responsibility at the end of her speech”

People and institutions who want to applicate for the Sign of the City Awards 2017 Real Estate Investment Competition ; may make their applications the dates between the June 5, 2017 and August 11, 2017. There are some criteria for the projects which will be candidates for the competition. One of them is: The candidate projects have to be completed or be in the construction process on the date between the 01.01.2012 and 11.08.2017.

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