Slums In Istanbul And What Can We Do About Them

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Developments in real estate markets in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, have brought a great change to the slum areas.

Random Buildings Blocks Area Plans

Because of lack of planning those buildings prevent other buildings to have a nice shape as well. Since they are not thinking ahead when they build slums it has a negative effect on all buildings and home owners in the area.

TOKI and municipal transformation projects from one side; On the other side in the city center, the construction plans are even more increased in the region. Investors are already planning to build some high towers and big buildings in order to cover slums’ ugly shape.


Cultural Assets Needs To Be Preserved for Future Generations

It is important for us to preserve our natüre and keep a beautiful nature for our kids and younger generations. Because of that Slums are not the way to go when we need a cheap and affordable housing. It will be very difficult to tell the future generations about this painful period. Although transformation and change projects have been carried out, we can still see slums and neighborhoods like that. Here we have to protect some of the neighborhoods from the aggressive slum expansions in order to our natüre and our city.

Only with that we can make Istanbul a beautiful place that is worth living in.

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