Smart Cities Will Be The Way Of Life For The Future

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Halk GYO General Manager Dr. Feyzullah Yetkin gave some important information about the Forum İstanbul 2023 conference with the title of “Turkey is Rebuilding Its Future”. The conference was held the 16th times this year. Yetkin made a speech at the session of “Life and Opportunities in Future” He said that the smart real estate projects add value to the nature, person and the quality of life.

At the conference the subjects which were been focused are about the smart cities transformation, smart buildings, constructions compatible with the environment, sustainable technology innovations for cities. Also integrated systems for the public areas, energy efficiency and financing were discussed at the meeting.


For a Better Life

Feyzullah Yetkin continued to his speech:” Aristo said that the cities are the places where people gather for a better life and we see the rightfully of this explanation. The world history shows us that urbanization start with making the people adaptable with the city life. In 2050’s the 70% of the world population will live in the cities. So; traffic, security, transportation, epidemics are very important matters for the cities. Smart cities concept has an effective vision for the risk management. “

The smart cities which provide solutions to the fast population growth and intensified urbanization tendency are being evaluated in 6 criteria. These are transportation, life, people, economy, environment and governance. Yetkin said that they are expecting the smart cities would be the life style in the future.

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