Social Areas Are Growing While Housing İs Shrinking

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Being the most important point for the real estate world, Istanbul offers new projects and continuing projects and opportunities for those who want to be a host at affordable prices in the new year. It is not wrong to say that the city has gained importance for the European and American investors not only for the Republic of Turkey, but also for the life standards that have risen rapidly in recent years, in addition to the extraordinary beauty that the city has. Because, with the legal regulations that the government has prepared in recent years, it is now possible to be the host with the ideal conditions for all the local and foreign people. Large houses in Istanbul are becoming more important now.


Contrary to shrinking houses, nowadays, where social areas are becoming more important, parks and gardens, which are used as social areas with new regulations, will also have larger capacity. With this arrangement, the government plans to increase social interaction. It is aimed that at night people will influence the city life and social life with the projects that social areas will be found for both adults and children. Now, companies designate social areas for their residential projects in accordance with the new regulations. From this point of view, it would not be wrong to say that the investor showed more demand for the real estate projects of Istanbul with the increase of social areas which is a very positive arrangement.

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