Solution for Traffic Jam  ”Subway Lines”

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Subway lines in Istanbul are quite extensive. The number of these subway lines is 18. Since the planning process, they have gained value for their region. In addition to providing value, these lines have made transportation easier. Transport can be a problem in Istanbul. Subway lines are a good solution for this transportation problem. Going by the subway is quite easy and fast. Many non-traffic-related subways are preferred by many people. Thanks to these tools, people can travel to workplaces, homes and schools more quickly and comfortably.


Subway lines are becoming the focus of everyone's attention. Some people are exploring the subway lines in Istanbul for the real estate market. The real estate prices in the places where the subway line passes are getting very high. They want to turn this into an advantage. So they are investigating real estate around subway constructions. Some people prefer Istanbul to get rid of the traffic problem. The number of subway lines that are so preferred is also quite high. Now 18 subway line construction continues in Istanbul. People are very interested. Now let's examine these subway lines.

One of these lines is Üsküdar – Ümraniye-Çekmeköy / Sancaktepe subway Line. This line passes through Ümraniye. There were many stops in between. It reaches to Çekmeköy as the last stop. Another line is Sabiha Gökcen Airport – Tavşantepe Subway Line. It consists of 5 stations. It is a fact that it will be a great convenience for the passengers to travel. Another line is Halkali – Gebze Marmaray Surface Subway Line. This line consists of 43 stations. Istanbul's Anatolian side is connected to each other. The industrial center facilitates transportation between the Gebze and districts of Istanbul. There are many different lines from these. There are lines from the new airport. These subway lines are expected to relieve traffic when the construction is over.

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