Square Meter Prices Has Increased In Turkey

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Based on the results of research which has been carried out throughout Turkey, it is observed that square meter prices has increased. Square meter prices of the houses for sale has increased 11 % since the last year and steadily gone up.

For houses for rent, this increase rate is also 11 %. Period of redemption in Turkey has been stated as 12 years. Average price for Turkey has been calculated by taking 5 cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Antalya into consideration.

The Price Has Reached Astonomical Prices in İstanbul

Square meter prices of the houses for sale in İstanbul, reached highest prices in February, 2016. The increase in the recent year in the city has been stated as 16 %. For the houses for rent, it is stated that the prices increased 8 %. Also the period of redemption has been stated as 15 years. Three counties of which the prices has increased the most are Bağcılar at 6,8 %, Şile at 5,5 %, and Silivri at 4,8 %. Three county in which the houses for sale are the cheapest are, respectively, Silivri, Esenyurt, and thirdly Arnavutköy. In the list of the most expensive counties; Beşiktaş takes the first place, secondly Sarıyer, and thirdly Kadıköy.

Champion of February is KEMER

Yes, square meter prices has increased in Turkey but the highest prices are in Kemer,Antalya. The prices of the houses for sale in Antalya increased almost 20 % last year. In average, per square meter price reached the highest price ever. Period of redemption has also been stated as 17 years. Based on the study, it is said that the increase rate of the prices is 6 %. Kemer has the most increased prices.

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