Subway Construction Started İn Kocaeli

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Subway Construction Started İn Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu visited the members of the press for the 15.6 kilometer-long metro route and stop points planned between Gebze and Darıca districts.

Karaosmanoğlu made a statement to the journalists after the field review and said that population density increased in Gebze and that they were working at the point of transportation in this direction.

Karaosmanoğlu stated that the Metro project will start from Darica Beach and that this metro will integrate with Istanbul. Karaosmanoğlu noted that the integrated operation of public transport systems and the preference of predominantly high-capacity rail systems are important for Turkey.
Karaosmanoğlu, Gebze and Darıca's proximity to Istanbul and their dynamic structure based on industrialization, population growth and accompanying transportation problems, said that "As the cities grow, the population density increases and this causes the transportation problems to increase. In 15 years, the number of cars has increased by 2 times, and as the welfare increase, every workplace, every residence gets one more car, the number of cars is constantly increasing, but the street sizes are the same. " 

e_2675_3.jpgemphasized that the metro project will make it easier for them to travel back and forth in Istanbul for years to work on solutions to the problem of transportation. "We will do the metro, the mass transportation planning principles, the applications in the developed cities that can serve as examples, The length of the line where the 12 stations will be located will be 15.6 kilometers The car maintenance and repair station will respond to all kinds of maintenance and repair of the Metro vehicles and the vehicle depot and control control center will be made in the Pelitli area at the end of the line Stations 1 Half, 3 tunnels and 8 open hatches, and the points of points to be scored for operational requirements were evaluated as automatic parking lots and offices. The journey starting from the first station, Daraca coast station, will be completed in 19 minutes at the 12th and last station of the Organize Industrial Zone station. "


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