Subway Doping On Housing Prices İn Sultangazi

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Real estate prices in Sultangazi district, one of Istanbul's rising values has increased. The increase in the price of housing in Sultangazi, which is on the route of the Third Bridge and Canal Istanbul projects, which is one of the biggest transportation projects of recent years, attracts attention. As well as urban renewal efforts in the region and brought to a profitable position still reviewing district. Cumhuriyet, 50. yıl and Esentepe Neighborhoods were declared as urban transformation regions and work started. On the other hand, the ongoing 600-bed state hospital and two universities increased the premium value of Sultangazi.


One of the developments that increased Sultangazi's real estate value was the metro line which stated that it will enter service after 2019. The Sultangazi-Vezneciler metro line, which will facilitate access to the central points of the city, has increased housing prices in the region. The 2019 Vezneciler-Edirnekapı-Eyüp-Gaziosmanpaşa-Sultangazi road system project will be composed of 15 stations and it will take only 19 minutes between Vezneciler-Sultangazi with 12.3 km line.


All of these developments affected the real estate value of the region. What about housing prices for rent and sale in Sultangazi? How has housing prices progressed in the last 1 and 3 years? How many branded housing projects have been made? Here in Sultangazi the price of housing for rent and for sale is changing.


In Esenyurt, rental housing prices increased by 9 percent in the last 1 year, and house prices for sale increased by 13 percent. Rental housing prices are up 8 percent on sale. In Sultangazi, housing prices have increased more than in the last year.

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