Success of Tahincioğlu in Cannes

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Success of Tahincioğlu in Cannes

This year, MIPIM 27th exhibition which is held in Cannes, France was open to the local and foreign tourist all around the world. The fair hosted numerous companies from many countries and so many new projects were introduced to the world. At the fair Istanbul has a wide location.

new projects in Cannes
Istanbul’s and Turkey’s giant projects were exhibited in a giant tent. Especially the 3th airport project of Turkey attracted the attention of the companies. The 3th airport first stage model is on display at this international real estate fair. With its completion of all the staged, it is scheduled to be the highest passenger airport in the world. Tahincioğlu drew attention to three new projects in Cannes.


Tahincioğlu drew attention to three new projects in Cannes. They will sign 5 project which worth 10 billion over 3 year. Tahincioğlu, drew attention of the organizations all the world in Cannes MIPIM exhibition which is held annually in France.  Tahincioğlu participated in the fair with Nidakule Levent, Nidakule Ataşehir Finance Center projects and contacted with many investors in there. The chairmen of the Tahincioğlu Company, Özcan Tahincioğlu said that they will implement 3 new projects in 2016 and they had signed 5 projects which worth 10 billion in 3 year time.lGDcD94ZADzYCHJuFR0r

Tahincioğlu drew attention to three new projects in Cannes and contacted with many real estate investors all around the world. MIPIM is a really important fair to exhibit the Turkey’s real estate and promote the investments through projects. Özcan Tahincioğlu added that ‘Property and real estate is a fast growing sector in Turkey. We think that we value this industry with our projects every year.

There should be new investors in this fair.  It is important to take place in these organizations both to show our country’s success in this area and also to see the visions of the other companies.

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