Suitable Time to Buy a House

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Housing prices are not showing an increase these days. Prices continue to be fixed. Increase amounts remain at very low levels. This is why it is shown to enter the winter months. The increase in housing prices in September remained at 11,14%. It was said that this increase was at a very low level compared to previous years. It is also the lowest since 2010 winter months. Some people were happy that this increase in prices was low. These low increases are an important opportunity for new home buyers.


Low Prices According to Past Year

August data was checked. The increase in August remained at 11,31%. This figure is very low when compared. It is the lowest figure in the previous 7 years. Calculated in months. The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey made statements. According to the CBRT's statement, the rise in housing prices was 0,63%. This figure is also the lowest level compared to previous years.

Three Great City Situations What?

Price fluctuations were fluctuating. In September of 2015, the highest housing price increase for Istanbul was realized. A figure close to 19% was identified. This figure was 6,4% this year. Thus, the year in which the lowest price increase occurred was determined. The lowest price increase for Istanbul was realized this year. For sale in Ankara, house prices increased by 7,6 percent year on year. İzmir showed the biggest increase from 3 major cities. An annual increase of 19,8% was achieved. İzmir became the leader in this issue.

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