Summer House Around Istanbul İncreased

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We can say that the prices of cottage houses are also increasing due to the increasing interest in nearby resorts. That is why thre is increasing competition from housing projects in holiday villages.


If you are going to give an example to holiday resorts, Akcakoca is a holiday resort located in the black sea. Akcakoca is popular with its historical houses and is a number one in the list of those who live in Istanbul because it is not far away from Istanbul. This means that housing prices are also rising due to the intense interest in the city. In the last five years, housing prices in Akçakoca have increased by 43 percent and rental houses have increased by 29 percent.


One of the popular holiday areas is Karasu. Karasu is a holiday town in the province of Sakarya. Due to the holiday season and proximity to Istanbul, there has also been an increase in housing in this holiday area.

One of the popular holiday areas, Şile, is that there is no increase in summer prices.


Sapanca is one of the top resorts in the last two years. Sapanca is a town of Sakaryan. Due to its proximity to Istanbul, Sapanca is a holiday destination on the list of those who want to own a cottage. That's why we can say that in the last two years there is a lot of upside. There is a high increase in prices for both the sale and the rental cottage.

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