Tamer Ozyurt; Citizen Don’t Believe This Price

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Ozyurtlar Holding company Chairman of the Board Tamer Ozyurt, sharing information about new investments, new projects, new partnerships and new holding company, made important statements about the new partnership as well as the Odul Istanbul and Meydan Ardıçlı projects.

Ozyurtlar Holding company is gettin on at full speed in 2017. Ozyurtlar Holding company, which has produced 20,000 houses and delivered 15,000 homes until today, started pre-sale of the project "Meydan Ardıçlı" after the new projects "Odul Istanbul".


Ozyurtlar Holding company which be one of the biggest housing producers in Turkey, and have the ear of investors with housing projects in Esenyurt region, continue investments uninterrupted in 2017. Ozyurtlar holding company, continue their study to get foreign investors to Turkey. Holding company which will share foreigners with their new projects will provide foreign currency to Turkey.

Ozyurtlar Holding company Chairman of the Board Tamer Ozyurt, in the media conference held for the real estate editors, had important explanation about the new projects and the sector.

Total İnvestment Are $ 650 Million

Ozyurtlar Holding company which sells a significant amount of housing to the Gulf investor, aims to sell 50 percent of its sales to foreigners in 2017. The holding company sold 42 per cent of its sales in 2015 and 28 per cent in 2016. Holding's housing investments which on-going and will do are total $ 650 million. 250 million dollars of this prize belongs to the Odul Istanbul project.

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