Tenants And Owners Who Don’t Pay The Membership Fee

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Residential real estate in Turkey involves the payment of membership dues. However, evasion of payment may result in legal proceedings.

Payment of membership fees is one of the main themes of the tenants and owners of residential real estate. Today development of infrastructure of districts is of great importance and popularity. Increase in the number of public places, playgrounds, parks, social and a sports facility entails a steady increase in the membership fee. Despite the fact that the payment of membership fees regulated by law, and each owner and tenant have personally responsible for its timely payment, the debate on this issue arise regularly. According to the law, every owner is obliged to pay for a concierge, gardener, security and other equally and without delay. The principal amount of all contributions is spent on maintenance services, improvement or other operating costs. The property owner can be held liable for non-payment or delay in payment of membership fees. The fine can amount to about 5% of the monthly payment amount.

House owner/real estate agent giving away the keys - house out of focus

If one of the owners of the apartments does not carry out the obligation to pay of membership fees or violates the rights of other owners, they can go to court. the court will begin consideration of the case if: the owner does not pay compulsory contributions and has three warnings over the past two years; if the owner is constantly violates the rights of other owners; if the owner uses his apartment for other purposes, thus contrary to the ethics and traditions.

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