The 3rd Airport will be opened for service on 26th of February 2018

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The Minister of Transportation, Marine and Communication Binali Yildirim, “The project of the 3rd Airport will be completed on the 4th stage, the biggest stage will be completed on 26th of February in 2018. The works are continuing like they are planned and there is no trouble .”
The Minister of Transportation, Marine and Communication Binali Yildirim has visited the construction of the 3rd Airport in Istanbul. While Yildirim examined the construction area, the Board of Directors President of Limak Company Nihat Ozdemir and other authorized people from the project gave briefings.

Minister Yildirim reported that,the 1st stage is expected to be completed in 2018 and will have a capacity of 100 million passenger. Even now, with this capacity it will be the world’s biggest airport.
Yildirim underlined that the next stages will have approximately 150-200 million passengers and stated that, ” An injustice was done for us while we were planning the airport to build. We heard comments like that we are dreaming of a 150 million passenger capacity airport which will be the biggest in the world and that we were exaggerating this kind of things. But at the end we see what kind of a work we are doing here. More than 60 cranes are working at the same time. 3 thousand working machines and and close to 14 thousand workers.”

This place is in itself a city. In the following days they are going to be more than 35 thousand workers here. The workers who work here stay in the town here.This place is as a capacity bigger than the biggest Syrian Camp and ordinary as well because its an area arranged with everything. That’s why the workers work and rest here at the same time. Everybody works here as they have to and comply the law. Also the ground motion here is nowhere seen in any other place around the world.

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