The Balance Changes In Real Estate

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 The Balance Changes In Real Estate

The General Director of Is GYO Turgay Tanes says that in 5 years will be the population equalised in Istanbul’s both sides and adds, “The firms started to move to the Anatolian side, new fasconated places are born for the real estate.”

The Anatolian side changed its aspects with a stronger transportation connection through the subway, bridges, railway lines and with the urban transformation. With the affect of Istanbul Finance Center project the office investments got increased in the Anatolian side.Recently, the prominent firms in Turkey move their administrative and operation centers to the new built structures in Anatolian side. With the Gulf Transition Bridge, the 3rd Bridge and the Canakkale Transition Bridge happened a big change in Istanbul and its surroundings, said Turgay Tanes. “The Anatolian side will become an integrated region with Marmara and North Aegean in 5 years.This regions will be integrated with Kartal,Pendik,Tuzla,Maltepe and Atasehir. A golden circle will appear for the real estate sector.”


Tanes takes attention that 10 million people live in European side and the rest 5 million live in the Anatolian side and says,” With the development of the transportation ,new jobs and social areas and the organized industry , a lot of foreign and domestic institutions moved to the Anatolian side.The Is Bank and Sisecam which are from our group took a decision to enlarge their restructurings in the Anatolian side.If this process continues the population will get to a balance in both sides in the upcoming 3-4 years.


The Estate Is Like A Social Security Tool

The trend to use the real estate as an investment tool will continue 15-20 years more according to Tanes, and added that the Turkish people see the real estate as a social security tool.

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