The Brand Cities Summit Was Held

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The Brand Cities Summit was held at the meeting point of tourism, construction investors and mayors to increase the city's brand value.

The project, which was held on May 11, 2017 in Sait Halim Paşa Yalısı on Thursday is aiming at real estate projects which give great impetus to the branding of cities in Istanbul 2nd Brand Cities Summit, tourism investments, intelligent cities, environmentalism, energy efficiency, urban transformation projects, Many issues such as the solution proposal were addressed. The project, the second of which was held this year, focused on the universal common values ​​of increasing the quality of life of the cities in terms of human and social, making the cities efficient and sustainable management of all socio-economic, environmental and cultural resources at the Istanbul 2nd Brand Cities Summit.


Important Names Were Mentioned At The Summit

İNDER Chairman of the Board Nazmi Durbakayım gave a speech at the summit, "The foundation of our brand cities lies in the richness of Anatolia. Anatolia is brand land. We have to build cities on this brand land, brand residential areas and brand cities that will make it more livable. Apart from our branded cities, we have a lot of potential. Nowadays, the non-brand can no longer sell. As İNDER, we are an association that has been operating since 1967. And our primary goal is to make quality buildings, sustainable development and quality that we have provided as the industry's voice in creating living spaces. " he said.

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