The Citizen Pursuing Share!

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The process of collecting requests for Turkey’s first real estate certificate issuance begins tomorrow. Houses will be sold in the housing project of ‘Park Mavera’ in Başakşehir in TOKI guarantor. It was announced that citizens show great interest in new models and 1200 people requesting information every day. 27 brokerage houses also offered to sell shares.

In the new period citizens who will not have enough accumulation to buy a house will buy ‘share’ from housing projects. It will collect the requesting shares and become the host or sell the share and benefit from the value increase. With this model, the small investor will share the big projects. The first step of the model that will provide financing support to the companies that develop real estate was laid in Basaksehir, Istanbul. For those who want to be included in the new model, demand will be collected on March 29-31. Citizens who want to buy 1 share will pay 42.5 pounds. 100 pieces will be equivalent to 1 square meter. In order to become a homeowner of the project, it will be necessary to accumulate at least 11,58 shares.


1200 People Calls in The Day!

Macro Construction Chairman Ercan Uyan stated that citizens showed great interest in the certificate model and said that 1,200 people requested information on the subject per day.

Ercan Uyan, indicating that citizens from all walks have the opportunity to invest in real estate. “The university student with 42 liras will become a partner in the project. Moreover, it is not a case of Başakşehir and its surroundings. One who lives in Germany will buy shares from the Başakşehir project.” he said.

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