“The Commuter Lines Will Be Put In Service In 2 Years”

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Travelling with Marmaray the minister of transportation Ahmet Arslan stated that the commuter lines will put in service in 2 years and so the number of the passengers will raise about a few times.

Getting on Marmara from Ayrılık Çeşmesi station, the minister of Transport, Marine Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan said that nothing makes them happy as the pleasure that our passengers have and listening to the easiness of the transportation from them.

Arslan said that the passengers were so sincere and kind when they expressed their feelings upon the transportation services and this please is what they want to achieve. Arslan pointed out that 141, 5 million people travelled with Marmaray until now and said: “181 thousand people travel with Marmaray in a day. It is a marvelous feeling. We have 219 actively servicing trains. We and our people have high hopes for Marmaray. When the commuter lines put in service in 2 years, the number of the passengers will raise about a few times. Does not matter where you visit, everybody talks about the success of the Marmaray that connects continents continually.”

Telling that they plan to put the commuter lines into their citizens’ service in two years Arslan: “Apparently, the commuter trains moves a little slowly. We hold a meeting with the authorities in order to make them faster. Citizens of Istanbul want the commuter lines to be completed at once as well. We do our best to finish the Project. Hopefully, Istanbul will meet its new service in two years’ of time.”


“We have a serious plan with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to connect all of the lines in Istanbul together and make them resemble a ring.” Said Ahmet Arslan and emphasized that after this project is completed the citizens will prefer public transportation most.


Arslan had a talk with the passengers in Marmaray until Yenikapı station. Arslan asked some questions to the passengers like where are they going? Are they happy with the transportation services? And he listened to their demands as well.

The citizens stated their pleasure with the services and they said that they travelled with buses, ferries between the two sides and now they can easily get where they want with no transmissions via Marmaray.
The passengers stated that the time of the transportation is shortened via Marmaray and they are not affected by negative conditions like adverse weather conditions, traffic accidents, bridge traffic and they can go wherever they want by getting on Marmaray and travelling under the sea between Europa and Asia continents.

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