The Construction Materials Sector

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The data collection data shared by DATAİMSAD, alarming in the construction sector, pointed out that the business was stagnating.


The construction materials sector, which has a total market size of $ 111 billion, is experiencing a period of increased production but deepening of the collection process. While sector representatives were struggling with the biggest collecting problem from the smallest to the largest, this caused the anticipation of the future to turn negative. Today, there are 32 associations, 83 large industrial enterprises and a sales network with more than 21 branches, and about 1.5 million people are employed, the sector is breathing with exports. The data is from the poll conducted by the Turkish Building Materials Industry Association (İMSAD) of the industry's roofing association. According to survey data, the level of collection is the lowest point seen so far.

Turkey's İMSAD President Ferdi Erdoğan said, "Things are good, but the collection problem is getting sharp." One of the problems of the sector is the contraction of the renewal market. Reforms due to urban transformation came to a halt, Erdogan emphasized that there is no alternative to 20 thousand tradesmen selling goods to new buildings. Erdogan, "Ready concrete sales data is critical for us. Because it shows how intense the new constructions are. Ready-mixed concrete sales are now on the inside market by 2015 ".


The Project Is Good But Not Satisfying

Turkey's IMSAD survey actually shows that there is a revival in sales and turnover in the sector. The turnover index has reached 182.7 out of 100. The turnover index has been rising continuously for the last 4 months. Construction materials workers' activity index also caught up to 2015 levels. Activity index is at 134.6. However, optimism about the economy of the sector representatives for the next 3 months has decreased very seriously. The confidence index is at bottom levels with a value of 68.7. Erdogan underlines that the cause of this is increasingly deepening in collections. When the association asked the question "What is your level compared to the month when our collections were passed", a case determination came out of 52 out of 100 members. Erdogan said that there was a serious increase in barter requirements for construction materials as follows: "The dealers came to the point where the contractor agreed to 'give you a home instead of money'. I do not even want to think about the situation of SMEs when giant corporations are starting to accept barter. As an association we have taken action to extract a barter index for the industry. We now think that a significant portion of second-hand housing sales are barter sales. "

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