The Cost Is Rising Property Prices Have To Increase

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In recent years, Turkey has turned into a housing paradise with its full sense. Large projects continue to be made everywhere in the country. Within the scope of these projects, especially the city that has the largest share of housing projects is Istanbul. Despite its 15 million populations, the city continues to grow and has become a center of attention for large projects. By 2017, a record number of housing units is expected to emerge. The country that solves the political problems is continuing its economic growth with determination. In recent times, the rising US dollar and Euro have started to increase costs. But there is no increase in housing prices yet.

President Aziz Torun, who made a statement on behalf of the real estate investment partnership, underlines the recent rise in foreign exchange. But he says it is an ideal time for buying new housing. Because investments for ready-made projects and projected housing are made before the foreign exchange movement. So increased costs do not affect prices in existing projects. However, the purchasing power of those who hold foreign exchange has increased. Therefore, the year 2017 should be evaluated well, because the projects are completed very quickly and offered for sale. In addition, unfinished projects are rapidly depleting. With this in mind, the Republic of Turkey, which provides a great convenience for foreigners, has also introduced a tax allowance for everyone who wants to buy housing. In the new year houses are waiting for their owners for investment or life.

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