The court stopped “vertical” construction

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The vertical structure, that President of the Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan protest against constantly, was finally imposed a ban by judicial remedy. The construction of a 80 meter high hotel on the land of the Darüşşafaka Association in Koşuyolu district was halted.


It is secured an injunction against a 80 meter high hotel in Koşuyolu

The Istanbul 11th Administrative Court has decided to suspend the construction of the hotel in Koşuyolu and reviewed all the permits and development plans of construction. The decision dated 8 November 2017 has delivered to the parties at the beginning of the week.

The hotel had been constructing by Taşyapı Construction

Lawyer Ibrahim Koyuncu had represented the defendant in the case opened by Soyak Gökyüzü Houses. The land was intended to be constructed by Taşyapı Construction.

The master plan is prepared in order to bring a healthy structure to the physical environment which is closely affecting the community life in human, society, environment relations, also prepared to balance the use and protection of the soil rationally.

Master plan and development plans are incompatible with each other

According to court decision taken, it is stated that there was a discrepancy between the master plan and the development plans of the hotel, and grade 2 natural site area near construction area was not taken in consideration.

The court also canceled changes of the master plan for the hotel construction. Vertical construction had been also frequently protested by the people of the region.

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