The Critical Determinations That Will Accelerate The Urban Transformation

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The Congress of Urban Transformation and Smart Cities became a platform which open ups the sector’s horizon.The critical determinations ,done by the player of the sector will accelerate the transformation work and will shape the future.

urban transformation

1) The transform the 6 million housings is in Turkey indespensable,it has to be moved to horizontal architecture where the people can meet with the earth more comfortable.The infrastructure has to be prepared to create the smart and environmental cities.


2)The rate increase which will occur after the urban transformation has to be shared equally with the stakeholders which contains the public too.


3)The transformation areas which are in a level of the city have to be taken as a whole.The projects which are in a financial impasse in the transformation have to be subsidized with the profitable ones.


4)The urban teansformation has to contain application strategies which have a long term master plan.


5)There is no need of an increase in intensity to afford the area needs for transformation,first of all the public reserves have to be used.


6) As to be social and environmental,the projects have an economic income too,have to be used for infrastructure and reinforcement construction.


7)Alternative financial models have to be developed for the attendant banks in the urban transformation.


8)To prevent the intensity in the city ,the contractors which transform places where it wont be any peer increase have to be supported with reasonable prices of lands from the reserve areas.


9)Have to give encouragements like in a housing sale to give a citizenship or a long term residence permission.


10) Instead of building over conversion ,there have to be build master planned cities which contain education buildings and energy tablishments.


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