The Daily Rental Houses Are Obliged To Pay From The Bank

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The Daily Rental Houses Are Obliged To Pay From The Bank

A new change in daily rent houses … The obligation to document leases for the daily houses that are popular in the metropolitan areas, especially in Istanbul, and informal, illegal jobs are imposed obligation!

In recent years, Turkey causes major problems for daily rent rental house that includes certification requirements in the new era with the arrangement. Thereafter the price rented house has to be paid through the bank. The decision officially comes into force after it was published in the official gazette. With the annunciation published in the official gazette, banks were obliged to pay for daily housing rentals. The application will take effect on July 1.

A new arrangement was made in the context of the studies carried out in order to prevent the informal processing of important crimes such as drug parties, prostitution trade, terrorism and abatement in these flats, especially in the big cities where the option of daily rented houses is numerous.

The obligation to document short-term residential rentals, such as weekly, daily or similar, payments for rent, documented by bank or Post Telegraph and Telephone Office, has been imposed.

In accordance with the new regulation in this scope, statement of "For those who get monthly rents of 500 YTL or more for each house," is changed with the statement of "for each house, for a short period of time on weekly, daily or similar basis of those who earn rent income regardless of their holdings ".

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