The Disposition of Recovery in Prices of the Houses

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Prices In Turkey

In Turkey, March 2017 the prices of houses in big cities such as İstanbul had augmented 13,34%. In February 2017, house sales had increase greatly 13,29%. The augmentation seen in March is the highest number of the last 6 months which make it more remarkable. Beside this, it is also the month in which the third bigest increasement happened in the prices of houses. The prices of the houses in Ankara, which is the capital city of Turkey we can say that it had increased 10% while in İzmir it had increased 19%. We can say that the prices of the ancient houses had augmented near 13% and new ones about 14%. These datas are not according to one city, it is what is seen throughout Turkey.


Situation in Europe

Since 2012 Turkey is a developing and waxing country in real estate property day after day. In Europe of course we can see positive developments but they are very rare and the 13 countries in which the property market is full o holes are also situated there. In short we can say that they are not developing but regressing in terms of real estate properties.

Tricky Situation in Asia

In Asia the situation in real estate property is not clear. While half of the Asian countries are developing the other half is regressing. According to the datas the strongest housing market is seen in Hong Kong.



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