The Dollar Base Rents In Housing Are Exchanged To TL

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The dollar base rents in housing are exchanged to TL

The demonstrations and and the events which have deeply affected our country effected the estates in the centers in a negative way. Especially, in housing started the USD base rents to be exchanged to TL in centers like Taksim, Besiktas and Levent.

Taksim, Levent and Mecidiyekoy are one of the main places where the population and vehicle rates are the highest and effected of the sales and rents which bring the fair value in a long term stability because of the cases which happened in this regions and caused too many losses.


The General Director of Altin Emlak Hakan Erilkun,took attention to the painful cases which happened especially in Istiklal Street, Sisli and Besiktas which effected the prices in 3 months and at some points started even a regression.Hakan Erilkun specified that there lots of dollar base rent housings which started to be exchanged to TL and continued,”Both in housings and as well as in location centers where the commercial real estates are popular, is it almost inpossible to find a place in subway exits, shopping malls.But the prices got stable in the last 3 months. It happened even a regression at some points. The stability in the main arteries caused also an affect in 4th Levent,Sishane and at some rooted places. That’s why too many rents were, especially in USD base housings in Besiktas and Levent exchanged to TL.”


No rent increase in March

Hakan Erilkun stated that a 100 square meter real estate rent in Besiktas costs about an average of 2,850 TL, in Kadikoy 2,000 TL and in Uskudar at around 1,700 TL and continued, ” In the most active term wasnt seen any rent increase this year in March. The rent circulation rate is very weak.”

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