The Electric Price Difference Between The Housing-Industry Was Increased

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The electric prices used in the industry and housing are different and this difference was increased a little in 2016. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute report named Electricity and Natural Gas Prices, housing and industry scissor are opened by 4.5 points. In 2015, 38.9 cents (average) was paid for the electricity in housing and 24.4 cents (average) was paid for the industry. These prices were increased in 2016. In 2016, for the housing payments were 41.3 cents and the industry payments were 25.2 cents.

The difference between the housing and the industry was at a level of 59.4%; now in 2016 this percentage is 63.9%.


Electricity Prices

According to the TUIK report related to the using of the electricity, in the 6 month period which Europe Union defined as the smallest consumption interval, consumers paid 41.3 cents (average) for under the 1000kWh. (For the second period of 2016) Also consumers paid 40.9 cents (average) over the 15 thousand kWh. 15.000KwH is the biggest consumption interval.

At the same period in industry, for 1 kWh 31.8 cents (average) were paid under the 20MWh which is the smallest consumption interval. Over the 150 thousand MWh which is the biggest consumption interval, for 1 Kwh 23 cents were paid. Electric price in industry consumption is at average of 25.2 cents.

Natural Gas Prices

Natural Gas Prices are stated at the report. The average of 110.2 cents was paid for 1 m3 natural gas in housing. (At the second 6 month of 2016) This amount is at average of 92.5 cents in industry.

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