The Estate of Körfez Moves Into İstanbul

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Cityspace which is one of the leading estate fairs, will be hold in Turkey. The fair is due to be hold on 24 March and visitora are expected to come from 59 different countries. %47 of the investors want to purchase for about 1 million $.

Cityscape which is hold mainly in Dubai, Abi Dabi, Egypt, Korea,Kuwait, and Jeddah brings 100 thousand professional real estates together came to Turkey. Cityscape which will open its Gates on March 24 in Istanbul Convention Center, will present 67 company project from 7 countries during three days. Over 1.000 vtisitors are expexted to be in this fair and total number is supposed to  pass 5 thousand. Cityscape famous for its hot sales, will continue its custom. In this respect, the companies joined the fair will reduce %20 amount of discount for individual investors.

They will see it in its place

General Manager of ISTexpo that has brought Cityscape to Turkey, İsmail Sezen said “We have achieved combining Turkey’s name so stand with Cityscape in which thousands of investors and companies joined together as a consequence of meticulous work.” He told that the visitors will stay in Istanbul after the fair, because they want to see the projects about which they are informed. Some of the firms will provide the visitors a chance of visiting the mentioned projects. The fair is expected to be visited by important family representatives and investment companies from Saudi Arabia and United Emirates.

% 43 of the visitors are foreigners

Saying that they informed 3 thousand investors before the fair, İsmail Sezen countinued his speech “we have organized over 800 hundreds of dual interviews. We have taken 3 thousand and 133 pre-registrations for locals and foreigners. However, there will be those who will check in at the door. Besides, %57 of the participants want   over 1 million dollars of real estate purchase. Of those, %75 want to invest in Istanbul.” Cityscape Group Director Wouter Molman, cited that they are so happy to hold the fair in Turkey and said that all the data show that real estate is one of the best way of making money. He said :“We believe in that the sector will get acceleration with the help of Cityscape Turkey.”

There was nobady who cancelled the participation

When asked how these terror events ill affect the fair, İsmail Sezen said “they are experiencing a hard and sensitive term. However, we should countinue our work. The fair was now cancelled because of the terror events. We had a talk with government officers and enabled a more inclusive security measures.”

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