The Financiers Met at RECEXPO Fear that Coordinated in Friend Country ‘Azerbaijan’

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Realty and Investment Fear that coordinated in Baku have opened its doors to its visitors recently.  More than 100 projects have introduced in EXPO Center and it have last 3 days. To the fear, Emlak Konut GYO and the important association in the real estate sector GYODER joined. In fear, 11 countries have been joined and there were 15 Turkish companies.

10 billion dollars can be indoctrinated

Emlak Konut GYO General Manager Murat Kurum said Turkey’s investment opportunities should have been told in a good way. Kurum, ‘’We have executed introducing activities in Korfez region with this aim in the recent years. With this fear, we are carrying our declination that we have made with  from Azerbaijan to Caucasus and also Turkish Republics one step further. They are seeing Turkey as close region for Korfez region and also reliable due to the fact that house selling to the foreign people will pass 10 billion dollars.’’


Secure Harbor

Kurum, who sees Turkey as a secure harbor said that: ‘’ We should tell  investment opportunities well in our country to the nearby geography.’’ and according to him, real estate in Turkey is always seen as an attractive investment tool. Also he said: ‘’ Gebze Real Estate Houses 3. Region which have been on the market recent days, have get an intense interest. In total there are 1850 houses and we have recieved 4277 applications.’’

Exchange Dollars, Buy a House

President of GYODER Aziz Torun uttered increasing in currency have registered wait and see in domestic market for customers. Torun, ‘’ In our country, incresing of dollar is seen as the  barometer of crisis. Whenas, it is not a true approach. There is no economic dislocation that requires increasing of dollar at this moment. We are seen completely a speculative exchange. The citizens shouldn’t be deceived. Dollar is not an investment tool. While dollar is increasing like this way, our citizens should exchange currency that they held and to invest immovables and stock market.’’

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