The Foreigner Have Had a Jump-Start in Real Estate in New Year

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While house sales to the foreigner reached 1.462 with the 13,4 % increase on a yearly basis, almost half of sales was made to the citizens of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Russia.

According to the information gathered from Turkish Statistical Institute, while sales to the foreigner has been going on without slowing down, the foreigner has bought 1.462 houses in January. This number has increased 13,4 % compared to the same month of last year. 1.289 houses had been sold in January, 2015. While first choice of the foreigner has not changed, 498 houses has been sold in Istanbul in January. Antalya follows Istanbul with 315 houses, Bursa with 129 houses, Yalova with 84 houses. When January, 2016 and January 2015 are compared, Trabzon is at the top again with highest rise rate of 309,9 %. Ankara follows Trabzon with 65,9 %, and Bursa follows with 59,3 %. The highest rate of fall in house sales has been in Antalya at 19,6 % and Yalova at 11,6 in mentioned period.

One Fifth of Housing Demand Comes from Iraq

When looked at the house sales to the foreigner, based on nationality classification, Irakians take place on the top for the sales in January. Irakians who have bought 308 houses in January, have a part at 21 % in house sales. In January, Saudi Arabians have followed Irakians with 136 houses, and Kuwaitis with 134 houses, and Russians with 106 houses. Mentioned nationalities have bought 685 houses in January and this number is the half of the total number of the sales to the foreigner. Number of the houses which have been bought by Irakians in January, has increased 28,3 % compared to January 2015. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabians have followed Irakians with 21,4 % and Kuwaitis have followed with 8 %.

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