The housing will immediately break a record if the interest goes down under 1 percent

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The eyes are turned to the banks after the interest discount of the Central Bank. The interests in the housing credit are expected to go down under 1 percent. If the expected discount happens immediately, the housings will break this year a record.


It’s been talked about that the interest discount of the Central Bank will reflect to the bank credit interests and expectation grows that the housing credit interests will go down under 1 percent. The one who said it first on Wednesday that the housing credit interests will be under 1 percent in a short time is the General Director of Emlak Konut GYO Murat Kurum. Even if they didnt give any rate the Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek and the President of Association Banks of Turkey Huseyin Aydin said on Friday that interest discount of the Central Bank will reflect to the consumer credits.If the housing credit interest ,which are followed by the citizens and the real estate sector gets under 1 percent there is in Turkey a general record expected by housing sales while also examining the previous housing sale datas and credit interest rates.

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As we remember, the housing sales broke the record of the 1 million passing with 1 million 157 thousand housings in 2013 while the housing sales were 60 percent increased than 2012 because of the impact of the low interest. When the monthly interest was an average of 1,03 in the sector in 2015, were 1 million 289 thousand housings sold. In the first 3 months of 2016, were 303,464 housings sold.Moreover,this sales happened in a period while the monthly average interest rate was 1,19.

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