The Istanbul Region Gained 193 Percent Growth İn Value

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One of the districts of Istanbul Kemerburgaz, which has projects of luxury construction, is named the most prestigious area of Istanbul.

According to studies conducted by EVA Real Estate Assessor, the average price for one square meter of housing in this area varies from 5 thousand to 19 thousand Turkish liras. The report also says that the average annual growth in property prices in Kemerburgaz over the past five years has reached the level of 193 percent.

Experts in real estate appraisal note that Kemerburgaz is the most prestigious area of Istanbul, the area with the fastest growing rate of property prices. Factors that affect such a rapid increase in prices are the features of construction projects in the area, social and transportation facilities.


In addition, the new construction project of Gayrettepe-Kemerburgaz-3 is also being prepared for implementation in 2019. The construction of new railway lines will greatly facilitate access to Istanbul's third airport, the city center and other transport hubs in the region. Experts of the real estate market are sure that when the construction of new lines is completed, the demand for housing in Kemerburgaz will grow at the same time as prices per square meter.

According to the price list of the housing project, prices excluding VAT range from 5 thousand to 19 thousand liras per square meter. The average price per square meter at the end of 2016 was 11,900 Turkish liras. All housing projects in the region have 9 types, the most basic of which are apartments of type 3 + 1, 2 + 1 and 1 + 1.

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