The Kucukyali Highway land will be on sale

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The bid of the Estate Housing GYO Istanbul Maltepe Kucukyali land is going to be held on 26th of May. The total construction area of the land is 144,239 square meters, the precedent main construction area is 128,169 square meters.
The bid of the Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Partnership Istanbul Kucukyali Provision of Land Sale Income Share Business is going to be held on 26tj of May 2016 on Thursday at 2.30 p.m.Shops, housings, primary school, worship area, park area and a square will be build on the land.


A signature campaign has been started for the Kucukyali Highway land

The Platform ‘ For Altintepe from Thinking to the Action ‘ has started a signature campaign to evaluate the Kucukyali Highway land as a botanic garden.The Platform says, “Let’s protect the 107,000 square meter Istanbul Kucukyali Highway land to become a concretisation.If we as a public,adopt this land we wont let to build anything.Let’s sign so that the area will be opened as a green park for public.It should be our green and meet point area if an earthquake happens.”Until now,more than 8 thousand people have supported the campaign.


Here will be a botanic garden

The Mayor of Maltepe Ali Kilic made a statement in 2014 where it says, “We are working on about the Highway land.This land will belong to the public of Maltepe and we will establish a botanic park in there.We have again a trouble with the underpasses ,here will be speed train central station that’s why we said that we have to enlarge the underpasses ,our correspondence is continuing,we are following the issue.

Land information

On the A function area is a trade-housing area.Its precedent value is 1.80 ,land area is 18,360 square meters.On the B function area is also a trade-housing area with a precedent value of 1.80 and a 35 ,480 square meter land area.

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