The Life Is To begin On The Center Of Istanbul’s Center Of Attraction

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Kuleli Houses Bomonti, which both has over 45 years’ experience and the signature of Yildirim Construction Groups, helps the first thirty-four owners meet their houses. Such constructions have been achieved to have the completion for just only 20 months, so executive board chairman Osman Yildirim claimed that limited houses in Bomonti are to be sold in suitable prices would be submitted to new owners in Bomonti.


It is time to submit the houses in Bomonti, which belongs to the Yildirim Construction Groups. Kuleli Houses in Bomonti have been given to the owners of the houses accompanied by the cocktail, which means the beginning of the life in Istanbul’s center of attraction. There have been sixty-nine houses in this project, and the detail of each balcony has been outstanding point among these flats. In addition to all these, the investments of both foreigners and natives have been drawn attraction by commercial areas with 1872 square meters.


‘’The Most Important Step Of Funds Is Confidence’’ Said Osman Yildirim.

Osman Yildirim uttered that these houses have finished construction for 20 months and he added that the confidence is the base of funds for 45 years. Due to this confidence of customers, we have been quite satisfied with adequate attitude. The attractions that have been taken from the customers made the company pleased.

Another Important Point In Which The Rate Of Interest Is Zero

Houses that have been not sold yet have been waiting for the owners. Besides, the payment of houses has appropriate provisions and circumstances. During 36 months, Kuleli Houses Bomonti offers chance in order to possess a house with zero(0) rate of interest. Moreover, the houses could be purchased by 7% discount.

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