The Lungs Of Istanbul; The Belgrade Forest Has Returned To The Rubble

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The Belgrad Forest, considered the lungs of Istanbul, turned into rubble due to illegal rubble and excavations. Truckers fleeing 4 liras per ton to use the legal casting site pour debris into the wooded area around the Belgrad Forest and the Ciftalan village at night.

CHP Istanbul deputy Baris Yarkadas, who brought the issue to the agenda of the Grand National Assembly, said, ‘Istanbul’s lungs are almost stuck with the dagger. The rubble and excavation are pouring into the forest in the middle of the city, and it is incapable even to prevent it.


Yarkadas continued his words as follows:The Belgrad Forest is a region that has a wide variety of climate, soil and ground forms due to its special location. This diversity allows a large number of different species of plants and animals to live within the forest. The Belgrade Forest, which is the closest forest area to the city center in Istanbul, has been subject to numerous scientific researches due to its importance for the past and present day. One of the most researched forests in Turkey has come into existence.Apparently this is not enough and not deterred in punishment. From the punishment, the structure of the head must change. It is a form of insanity to dig into the forests of the country and to run away. We need to put this mentality on. Could you see a country that has excavated and debris planted in its forests in Europe and in the world? Of course no! Belgrade forest and all our forests are very valuable to us. We have to protect these forests. If these are happening in the heart of Istanbul, I do not even want to think about what is happening in other illusions.

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