The Most Important Problem Of Istanbul, Macro-Zoning Plan, Infrastructure And Transportation

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"Babacan Holding" took part in the "Brand Cities Summit 2017" summit, which is attended by executives from the public and private sectors of the real estate market. Chairman of the holding Ibrahim Babacan, shared his speeches and opinions at the summit. Babacan said that "the most important problem in the formation of the city is transport, infrastructure and development plan for the city".

In his speech at the conference Babacan said: "Today, branding is one of the main directions for each sector. In order to successfully sell products or services, there is no way to differentiate or stand out from competitors other than branding. Cities compete with each other for branding.

Throughout the centuries, our country has been one of the most remarkable countries in the world in terms of its geopolitical position. We see that in most of the world-recognized cities the priority is given to urbanization.


First of all, attention should be paid to urbanization, in which all infrastructure, vehicles, demographic characteristics of the population and economic structure should be taken into account and planned in general.

There is a strong relationship between the population and the economic development of the country. These relations affect economic growth and development towards certain sectors.

The population is a source of labor in the country, therefore the basis of economic development is a person. "

Ibrahim Babacan said that this situation, when the center of attraction of cities with high business opportunities and standard of living, intensified in Istanbul. He noted that one of the important events that will affect human life in the future will be planned urbanization.

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