The Name For A New Mosque On Taksim Is Ready

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Taksim Square is historically very important for Istanbul. It is the most densely populated places in Istanbul. Taksim is the place from which originates Istiklal Street, where there are famous restaurants, best hotels and luxury real estate. Taksim is the place where millions of people go every day. Several years ago, square was significantly reconstructed and it removed the car traffic. Today, Taksim is the largest transport unit of the city, from where you can reach any part of Istanbul. On Taksim square regularly hosts various cultural events. One such event was the ceremony of the beginning the construction of a new Mosque on the square.


Discussion about the choice of the construction site took place a very long time, and finally ended in laying the foundation of a new mosque. Architectural design of the mosque has long been ready. And the first prayer was read by participants on the ceremony of start the construction. staying close to the Church of Santa Maria, The Taksim`s Mosque will become a symbol of tolerance in Istanbul. The new mosque will meet the needs of the city’s population.

Istanbul is a city of many millions of people of different religious faiths. Diversity and richness of common life of the population is reflected in the beginning of construction of a new Mosque. On the whole Istanbul, and especially the Taksim Square, perfectly combines the Mosques, churches and synagogues. Respect for and understanding of different cultures is the key to successful development of the society.

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