The New Campaıgn On Sinpaş Gyo 5 Project

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As we know, Sinpaş is in the largest leaders of the housing sector. Sinpaş give a big chance to people that want to have a house. A lot of people can have a house thanks to Sinpaş and Sinpaş’ s new project campaign. Now we can talk about the campaign chances and easy ways for people.

Sinpaş talked about the campaings in a press conference. Seba Gacemer was in the meeting, too.They said firstly, the earliest 84 people can have 84 months to installments and payments for the housing. Seba Gacemer, talked about the payments conditions and said that, the people’s little savings will not spend and they can go on saving, our purpose is give the homes to them by little payments monthly. Also, Gacemer said that, this “the earliest 84 people can have 84 months to installments and payments for the housing” campaing is the newest campaign for people during the housing history. They meaned, this campaign is the first one up to the present about the housing.


Now we can give some informations to people that are curios about the payments and taking credits. If you don’ t like taking credits from the banks this housing campaign is suitable for your conditions to have a housing. You will have a house without credits. These payment periods is set by the Sinpaş and the situations are like that:

Firstly, they take the 5 percent all of the money in advance, then they want to 10 percent of the rest of the money after 1 year from you, and take the 30 percent of money after 2 years. And then you will pay all of rest of the money as 1150 TL to be paid in periodic installments.

In the finally we can give one more information to you, this campaign will be valid in İstanbul Bosphorus City and İstanbul Palaces, Aqua City 2010 and in Bursa Modern From Bursa.

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