“The New Education System Stimulates Real Estate”

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Instead of TEOG, the  which envisions students enrolling in schools in the regions where they are located, finds its counterpart in the housing market.


It is already seen that these features are highlighted in the announcements of houses in regions close to qualified schools.

Coldwell Banker Country Turkey Gokhan President Taylor said he anticipated the move to bring the housing market of the new education system.

Evaluating the effects of the new education system on the real estate sector, Taş said, "Up to now, the schools that have come forward with their training and have named themselves in different fields will continue to be the eyes of the parents and students in the new system. It is possible to foresee that the regions where these schools are located will face serious interest from the preference periods and that this will seriously stimulate the real estate market, especially in the second hand. "

Taş continues to emphasize that the issue of whether to determine whether it will be a 5th choice, a neighborhood or a district, will be presented to the students in the new system. "This mobility and demand can bring about a serious increase in the rental and sale price of real estate around these schools, and the most important priority for home seekers today is the proximity to the public transportation system of the house, at an affordable price … But in the new system, we can say that all the parents whose children are at the 8th grade are able to use their preferences from houses close to the named schools.

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