The New Period Has Begun; Those Who Want To Invest Attention

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Wıth the Real Estate Certificate the new term has started in real estate. A new era is beginning for citizens who want to be a host but do not have enough money. Contractors who will carry out project sales with Real Estate Certificate will sell shares from the house according to the money held by the investor.  At the end of the project, the investor will be able to sell his share or add money and be able to own a house.  Here is some information about the Real Estate Certificate.

The government secured the rights of the investor before the real estate certificate was released. According to the new arrangement, the money from the issuance will be paid in installments. This will prevent the possibility of half-life of the project.


The first real estate certificate under TOKI pioneer is going to show today. Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli will be present at the meeting to introduce the Park Mavera 3 project, which will start construction in Basaksehir, Istanbul, Turkey.

30 percent of the project will be sold through a real estate certificate. The details of how the system will operate and how the certificate investors will be preserved were determined in a paper published in the Official Gazette yesterday.

Accordingly, construction completion reports will be prepared by construction supervision agencies. The funds collected from the issuance of certificates will be contracted on the basis of the completion percentage of the construction, taking into account construction progress reports prepared by construction supervision agencies. This will prevent the possibility of half-life of the project.

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