The New Subway Line in Istanbul: Vezneciler-Third Airport

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The Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas announced the new subway line in İstanbul. The subway line will be between the 3rd Airport and Vezneciler. The Vezneciler-Third Airport Subway Project will also be added to the Istanbul transportation projects. Kadir Topbas participated to the programme which is organized with the non-governmental organizations in Istanbul. He made important explanations.


The Subway Stations

Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas emphasized that they have been continued to uninterrupted invest since they came to the municipal duty. He explained they have been made the worth of 98 billion investments until today. The investment budget is 16.5 billion for this year. Kadir Topbas explained that the investments are 2 billion 700 thousand for Fatih district. He said:

“We are planning a subway project which includes the line between the 3rd airport and Vezneciler. This subway will have a station at Fatih Fire Department. It will also have a station in Carsamba. There is a station where the subway can take the passengers of the Carsamba and Hirka-i Serif. The subway will down to the Ayvansaray and come to Edirnekapi. It will pass on the Eyup. What did we say? “The Subway is Everywhere, Everywhere has Subway “Think that the subway will be the walking distance for people.

Vefa Stadium Project

We have also planned a project for Vefa Stadium.  When we showed the Vefa Stadium Project to the Sports Ministry, they said “we can realize this project if you want? “ When this project will be finished, Fatih will have a beautiful sport complex.

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