The Number Of Houses Rented Daily in Turkey is Increasing!

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The number of houses rented daily in Turkey is rapidly increasing. Only in Istanbul it is said that this number is 75 thousand. The income from the renting of these buildings in 3 years is 500 million dollars. In the past, mostly in areas such as Kadıköy and Fatih, daily rentals were prevalent mainly in student and tourism, but now residences such as Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü, Bağcılar where residence projects were made also entered this rental circle.


Looking at real estate rental sites, it is possible to see that too many luxury residence projects have entered this chain. Residences that offer hotel services and where mainly small apartments are located can often be found within a hotel chain. Buyers who buy residences like this can rent these apartments to the hotel. This is not a problem when the system works like this. Because the hotel procedure is being applied when someone wants to rent this type of residence. People are being authenticated and registered. However, after buying these apartments, it is difficult for the buyers to rent individually, regardless of the hotel. Since there is no ban on renting a house in Turkey, those who enter such projects can cause security problems. This can be seen as a negative picture for areas that are particularly prominent with residential projects such as the Press Express line.


How are companies taking action?

 Some companies are setting up real estate offices, such as sales offices, and are trying to make rentals through certain real estate offices. Some companies may also ask for a findeks report and a guarantor.

What is the price range?

When you look at the rental prices on the internet of residence which becomes an alternative accommodation system to the hotels, the daily rental price varies between 50 TL and 100 TL depending on the region and size. This price range makes it attractive. In foreign countries, daily renting permits can be given to persons who will work in the tourism sector after a certain inspection. However, the use of such a large number of buildings in Turkey without being subject to any test is a security risk and can have a negative impact on the tourism and hospitality sector.

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