The Number of the Building Having a License Increased

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The number of the buildings which the municipalities give building licence to is increased 5.5% in a year. Turkish Statistical Institution stated the report’s results. The report involves the period of January- November 2016. The report’s name is Statistics for Building Licence. According to the 2015 results in 2016 there is an increase of the buildings that have a legal licence. We can show the increase rate by 5.5% and also an increase seems in as metre square by 7.3%. The buildings value is raised 15.4% and when we talk about the number of the apartments we see a 10.6% increase in the last year.


For the given time period, the buildings that have a legal building license is equal to 202.3 million m2. This is the total area. Housing area is 112.8 million m2 and non-residential areas are about 48.2 million m2. We can show the common areas as 41.3 million m2.

For the purpose of use, the buildings are also placed in the reports. Two or more apartments for residence purposes are at the first line in the report by 150.9 million m2. The public buildings have the second big area by 11.5 million m2. These are the entertainment, education, hospital and the other places like them…

The Most Apartments are in Istanbul

The reports about the real estate sector also show the shares as the apartment numbers. Istanbul has 213.526 apartment numbers for this year. Ankara is following İstanbul by 67.514 apartments. Izmir is the third city by 50.367 apartments.

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